Attention clients who have appointments this week and next

Hello, just a heads up for clients with upcoming appointment. My husband was in a bad ATV accident last week and is currently in the hospital. He will be coming home in the next couple of days and I may need to take some time off of work to help him at home. Hopefully I will have some help with him so I can work but I am not sure about anything at this point. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have for anyone. I will be in touch with anyone who is booked but it may be a last minute call due to last minute changes with my husband. Thank you for understand and if anyone needs the contacts for one of the other girls at the salon please text me. Thank you.

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The order the keep my salon closed has been extended unfortunately so please rebook for after April 31st. I will offer color touch up kits to those who get all over color. Please text me for details